Iron Poet #22

Haiku Humpday Meter / Style: Haiku Theme / Keyword: Ashes Loss ~ Sean Bracken Over the ashes of a now ruined city The moon looked down with no pity At the loss of all mankind’s humanity — Nerisha Kemraj Fire burning light Golden Leaves all crunch beneath Ashes, on feet — Matt Henderson incense–sweet smoke … Read more

Iron Poet #19

Iron Poet #19 Theme: Limerence Style: Freestyle Limit 36 lines “Yummy” ~ D Lee Cox I smell you I feel you I see you I hear you but I’ve not tasted you Yet — “Straight Jacket” ~ Violet Teagan you hang in the back, beside a feathered dress, grazing my pink suede boots threadbare and … Read more

Iron Poet #17

Iron Poet #17 Theme: A stinging insect to its victim Meter: Free verse No more than 36 lines! Philosophy Embraced – J. Jack Sweitzer With pride, I withdraw. The barb that defines my being still wet, dripping with poison. My existence brings death. On Being a Bee – Wes Choc Wasn’t my idea … I’m … Read more

Iron Poet #13

  Iron Poet #13   Style: Catalog Poem Theme: The poem must tell a story through the listed items.   Brian Rogers I Will Never Be the Same Hello I say with boundless shame, A first time father, his heart aflame. I smiled again and speak her name And I will never be the same … Read more

Iron Poet #10

Iron Poet #10 Style / Meter: Limerick Theme / Keyword: Honk Any form of the word “honk”, synonyms, concepts, etc. may be used. D. Lee Cox “Livi’s Pug” Olivia had a pug who went by the name of Lulu Livi gave her a bonk Lulu snarted a honk Now Livi’s covered in dog goo Olvia … Read more

Iron Poet #9

Iron Poet #9 Style / Meter: Ode Theme / Keyword: your favorite musicians instrument The Iron Poet will judge and adhere to the parameters of an Ode set forth in the link above. Explanation of Theme: Your favorite musician – rock, country, classical, etc, – and the instrument they play most. Create and write an … Read more

Iron Poet #8

Iron Poet #8 Style / Meter: Nursery Rhyme Theme / Keyword: sweet The word “sweet” itself does not have to be used. Any form of the word, synonyms, concepts, etc. may be used. The Iron Poet will allow thematic reference as opposed to the use of the actual keyword. The Iron Poet understands the style … Read more

The Iron Poet #1 Debut!

Iron Poet #1 Debut! Theme / Subject: Bake Style / Meter: Haiku Length: 1 stanza The Haiku does NOT have to use the word “bake” itself. It must must at least, however, refer to any form of the word “bake”. Synonyms are acceptable, etc. Standard rules for Haiku apply. Tina Biscuit “Return” Swallows thaw our … Read more