Iron Poet #27

Iron Poet #27

Style / Meter: Haiku
Theme / Keyword: Bleak


~ Matt Henderson

I watched a crow land
to dot my mind’s cold canvas
gray tree; grayer sky

~ D Lee Cox

Sun over brown hills
bleak winter paints mountains gray
spring dreams deeply still

~ Johnna Murphy

Ice upon the roads
a bleak and frigid morning
winter driving sucks

~ Nerisha Kemraj

Air bleak with sorrow
Raindrops fill every corner
The land is barren

Homeless ~ Sean Bracken

Sleeping on the street
Living week to week
Future looking bleak

Iron Poet #26

dittybagIron Poet #26

Theme / Keyword: Ditty
Style / Meter: Jingle Poem
The word “ditty” must be used, or a recognized version of it at least.

Santa’s Secret Sale 5122016 ~ Nerisha Kemraj

This is an itty-bitty ditty
To tell a little tale
About how Father Christmas participated
In the Toy store Christmas sale

The elves had been asleep, you see,
Throughout the festive season
And so no toys had been made,
They had no other reason

It was the day before Christmas
That Santa had to buy the toys,
So that he would not disappoint
All the little girls and boys

And that’s the itty-bitty ditty
Of Santa’s little tale
About how he saved his Christmas
Through the Secret Santa Sale!

Jingle Bells ~ Sean Bracken

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
Plastic Jesus sleeping
Among the people seeking
More gaudy Yuletide trinkets
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
Plastic Mother Mary
Alongside a Christmas Fairy
Below a clockwork Santa Claus
Suspended from high ceiling
Towed by flashing reindeer
Enhance the season’s cheer
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
While all the bargain hunters
Worn out by all the fussing
And tired from all the rushing
To the sound of  singers singing
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
The tills are all a ringing
The stockings still need filling
Rejoice, rejoice
Plastic Jesus Weeping

Fate’s Cadence ~ D Lee Cox

sing a ditty for the season
I cant come home for good reason
but if there’s a chance out there
I’m bound to find it somewhere

I cant reach out and touch you now
we made decisions and I made a vow
but if there’s a chance out there
I’m bound to find it somewhere

out upon the wild wild sea
fate denies you and me
but if there’s a chance out there
I’m bound to find it somewhere

Iron Poet #22


Haiku Humpday

Meter / Style: Haiku

Theme / Keyword: Ashes

Loss ~ Sean Bracken

Over the ashes of a now ruined city
The moon looked down with no pity
At the loss of all mankind’s humanity

Nerisha Kemraj

Fire burning light
Golden Leaves all crunch beneath
Ashes, on feet

Matt Henderson

incense–sweet smoke rise
midnight on we burn and glow
dawn, it’s sleep…and ash

D Lee Cox

ashes to ashes
its how we all did fall down
ignoring the keep

Maureen Lauter

Life burnt passionately, now
White powder crumbling
Only memories of heat.