Iron Poet Challenge #36

  Iron Poet Challenge #36 Poetic Form: Double Acrostic Writers:  Moira McArthur, Matt Henderson, Maureen Larter, Nerisha Kemraj Paddock Theater Maureen Larter Patches of dirt And grass, green and lush, Dotted with cattle. Distance giving the area Opalescent patterns of bright Colour, spots all over. Keeping my imagination alive. *** A Poem of Paean M. … Read moreIron Poet Challenge #36

Iron Poet #29

Iron Poet #29 Style / Meter: Free verse Theme / Keyword: You are a tree. Tell me what you see. Leaving ~ Wes Choc Sprouting lean …I boldly shouted green But no one up-there heard a word lest such unfolding was even seen Until once, three winters hence, shiny green grew bark …dark …gently, intently … Read moreIron Poet #29

Iron Poet #28

Iron Poet #28 Style/Meter: Free verse Theme / Keyword: Gateway, door, portal, opening – something that one must pass through to start anew. The keyword does not have to be used, but if it is not, the theme must be recognizable. Closing Doors ~ Wes Choc Womb navigated My frantic weepings heard… Eager little arms … Read moreIron Poet #28

Iron Poet #26

Iron Poet #26 Theme / Keyword: Ditty Style / Meter: Jingle Poem The word “ditty” must be used, or a recognized version of it at least. Santa’s Secret Sale 5122016 ~ Nerisha Kemraj This is an itty-bitty ditty To tell a little tale About how Father Christmas participated In the Toy store Christmas sale The … Read moreIron Poet #26

Iron Poet #25

Iron Poet #25 Meter / Style: Freeverse Keyword / Theme: stochasticity (look it up!) Any version of the word stochastic may be used or an Iron Poet may chose to use the definition thematically. Ode to Stochasticity ~ Sean Bracken Big Bang Bursting From nothing to reality All is all and all is nothing Coalescence … Read moreIron Poet #25

Iron Poet #24

Iron Poet #24 Meter / Style: Iambic Pentameter. No more than 16 lines (4 stanzas of 4 lines) Theme / keyword: Soft Any version of the word “soft” may be used. Moonlight Soft ~ Sean Bracken Feet. Feet on the floor. Cold penetrating Ice. Having all power over nature Urges. Compelling my progression Ease. Release … Read moreIron Poet #24

Iron Poet #20

Iron Poet #20 In light of Bob Dylan’s recent Nobel Prize, let us honor him as only Iron Poets should. Take one verse from a Bob Dylan song and write a verse that mimics the theme and meter of that verse. For The Times They are a Changin’ ~ Bob Dylan Come gather ’round people … Read moreIron Poet #20

Iron Poet #18

Iron Poet #18 – Haiku Hijack Meter / Style: Haiku Theme: Image above Megan Cypress “The Lonely Path” All alone I sat, Waiting in the dark, cold night, For someone to come — Michael Cottle “Dark Light” path goes on and on dark light tempts me and I rest still too cold to sit — … Read moreIron Poet #18

Iron Poet #16

Iron Poet #16 Meter\Style: Limerick Keyword\Theme: Elvis The word “Elvis” MUST be used! Johnna Murphy An old woman, quite overzealous was a rather big fan of Elvis So she gave it a fling tried to dance like the King and ended up hurting her pelvis Brian Rogers Now there goes a old man they call … Read moreIron Poet #16