Iron Poet Challenge #35

  Iron Poet Challenge #35 Poetic Form:  Haiku Theme/Prompt: Anticipation A traditional Japanese haiku is a three-line poem with seventeen syllables, written in a 5/7/5 syllable count. Often focusing on images from nature, haiku emphasizes simplicity, intensity, and directness of expression. Writers: Nerisha Kemraj, Michael Cottle, Wes Choc, Maureen Larter, Mamie Willoughby Pound, M. Henderson … Read more

The Iron Poet Challenge #33

The Iron Poet Challenge #33 Poetic Form: Free Verse Theme/Prompt: Fear of Missing Out/Fear of Regret                             (either or both fears– stated or implied)   Ode to Tommy Tucker Sean Bracken Tommy Tucker traipsing Through thoroughfares thronging Thrusting thriving thieving Listless loiterers … Read more

Iron Poet #27

Iron Poet #27 Style / Meter: Haiku Theme / Keyword: Bleak   ~ Matt Henderson I watched a crow land to dot my mind’s cold canvas gray tree; grayer sky — ~ D Lee Cox Sun over brown hills bleak winter paints mountains gray spring dreams deeply still — ~ Johnna Murphy Ice upon the … Read more

Iron Poet #23

Iron Poet #23 Style / Meter: Free verse Theme / Keyword: superstition The word “superstition” does not have to be used, but if used as a theme it must be obvious. untitled ~ D Lee Cox momma makes a potion bug juice and calamine lotion in a peculiar motion to ward away a demonic notion … Read more

Iron Poet #22

Haiku Humpday Meter / Style: Haiku Theme / Keyword: Ashes Loss ~ Sean Bracken Over the ashes of a now ruined city The moon looked down with no pity At the loss of all mankind’s humanity — Nerisha Kemraj Fire burning light Golden Leaves all crunch beneath Ashes, on feet — Matt Henderson incense–sweet smoke … Read more

Iron Poet #21

Iron Poet #21 Style / Meter: Limerick Theme / Keyword: Über The word “Über” must be used – it does NOT have to refer to the car ride service. fall out ~D. Lee Cox such sweet and cool autumn weather my pores can fondly remember so its uber upsetting as i sit here sweating on … Read more

Iron Poet #20

Iron Poet #20 In light of Bob Dylan’s recent Nobel Prize, let us honor him as only Iron Poets should. Take one verse from a Bob Dylan song and write a verse that mimics the theme and meter of that verse. For The Times They are a Changin’ ~ Bob Dylan Come gather ’round people … Read more

Iron Poet #19

Iron Poet #19 Theme: Limerence Style: Freestyle Limit 36 lines “Yummy” ~ D Lee Cox I smell you I feel you I see you I hear you but I’ve not tasted you Yet — “Straight Jacket” ~ Violet Teagan you hang in the back, beside a feathered dress, grazing my pink suede boots threadbare and … Read more

Iron Poet #18

Iron Poet #18 – Haiku Hijack Meter / Style: Haiku Theme: Image above Megan Cypress “The Lonely Path” All alone I sat, Waiting in the dark, cold night, For someone to come — Michael Cottle “Dark Light” path goes on and on dark light tempts me and I rest still too cold to sit — … Read more

Iron Poet #17

Iron Poet #17 Theme: A stinging insect to its victim Meter: Free verse No more than 36 lines! Philosophy Embraced – J. Jack Sweitzer With pride, I withdraw. The barb that defines my being still wet, dripping with poison. My existence brings death. On Being a Bee – Wes Choc Wasn’t my idea … I’m … Read more