Iron Poet #9


Iron Poet #9

Style / Meter: Ode
Theme / Keyword: your favorite musicians instrument

The Iron Poet will judge and adhere to the parameters of an Ode set forth in the link above.

Explanation of Theme: Your favorite musician – rock, country, classical, etc, – and the instrument they play most. Create and write an ode to that instrument.

Matt Henderson

“Ode to B.B.’s Lucille”

Oh, Delta Bluesman’s wood and steel,
Rest easy in the lap of that old man, King,
He will play you, electric, like a woman, Lucille
Make you groan, moan, whine, tremble and sing.
He will hold you straight, through The Thrill’s fugitive night
Through Stormy Mondays, Rock Me Baby and Sweet Sixteen
Oh, everyday you may be shaken blue-buzzed and bent
But when the midnight vibe comes down and the sound gets tight
Burst forth you!, with notes so dark blue heavy, so light blue lean
Oh, slay the cost to be the boss, spike that whine, pay that rent!


Johnna Murphy

“Ode to Mozart, a prodigy pianist”

Piano, how I love to hear to hear you sing!
Your harmonies and melodies delight.
When one with skill and talent, self does bring
To work their hands on keys of black and white.
Their soul through fingers coming fourth in song,
Portraying feelings from all parts of life,
Bringing fourth dancing and perhaps a smile
In little airs of grace or works quite long
Rousing my heart or cutting like a knife
My listening ears will longer for awhile.

And one above the rest I’d love to hear
Hands of a child on keys so strong and sweet.
To witness talent many still revere
His prodigy and music to entreat.
Audiences of royalty clamor
To witness his piano skills first-hand.
His first concert at only six years old
Did he soak up any of the glamor
As kings and queens held him in high demand,
Or did he let his music love unfold?

Alas, that it should be that in your day
No device could capture your sweet sound.
And only others hands can try to play
Your sheets of written music that abound.
I wonder if our hearts come close to yours
Do we get all the different feelings right?
When hands not yours join keyboard to contrive
Translations of your music to restore
Sounds to staff and notes on paper, white.
To bring your soul and music back alive.


Michael Cottle

“An Ode to Alison Krauss”

Music, sweet music, is what I hold dear
Brings a smile, and calms any fear
I’ve never seen or heard any about
Sound as sweet, as sweet Alison Krauss
An angel voice backed with a bluegrass band
Dobro, banjo, bass and mandolin
And my true love is to hear that memory
Backed with a complementing harmony
The sweetest song in any and every key
Relaxes me from the day, and sings me to sleep
Thank you sweet, sweet Alison Krauss
For your music, and all you’re about

Iron Poet #8


Iron Poet #8

Style / Meter: Nursery Rhyme
Theme / Keyword: sweet

The word “sweet” itself does not have to be used. Any form of the word, synonyms, concepts, etc. may be used. The Iron Poet will allow thematic reference as opposed to the use of the actual keyword.

The Iron Poet understands the style “Nursery Rhyme” is broad and general. Iron Poet will leave it to challengers to research and discern the definition of “nursery rhymes.”

D Lee Cox


daddy makes a biscuit
mommy makes the egg
scrambled she whisks it
then in the skillet
breakfast with a chicken named Peg

Pickles and crickets
I’m gonna make a pie
Poppa comes for a visit
with his daucshun midget
doggy with only one eye

icing on his digit
brothers finger in the cake
Granny has a hissyfit
she’s a bit tipsy it
wont be long til her scotch break

Johnna Murphy

See the royal king cat sleeping on the chair.
He wakes to stretch and yawn, with a lazy air.

There goes the king cat, jumping to the floor.
See him take his dignity and strut out the door.

Boom! rolls the thunder, Sploosh! pours the rain.
And a humbled, dripping king cat comes running in again.

Megan Cypress

“Abracadabra, The Magical Cat”

Abracadabra sat on my lap
Abracadabra took a long nap
In all the world, nothing could compare
To the love my kitty and I shared

Michael Cottle

“For Now”

One day you will fly
Oh little one of mine
From your hair to your feet
When time is gone
We shall see
Who it is you’ll be
But for now
You are little
You are new
You are sweet

Matt Henderson

“The Queen of Shields”

The Queen of Shields went far afield on a horse one autumn day,
A fool from the school rode up on a mule and he led the poor horsey away.
The King of Shields yelled far ‘cross the field, and quickly, he wrangled the horse,
The fool from the school, rode away on the mule, but he kept the sweet lady, of course.

Iron Poet #7


Iron Poet #7:

Haiku Humpday!

Meter / Style: Haiku
Theme / keyword: rust

The word “rust” itself does not have to be used. Any form of the word, synonyms, concepts, etc. may be used. The Iron Poet will allow thematic reference as opposed to the use of the actual keyword.

Matt Henderson

Ulster–sculptor’s bride
girded urgent thighs–shielded
wintry opus rust
Johnna Murphy

Alone in tall weeds
Its purpose turned obsolete
A sword rusts in peace
Charles Wesley Choc


Embarrassed maples
shed their rusty clothing
to yield gnarled nakedness
D. Lee Cox

“You’re Still Wrong”

ancient arguments
rust on a relationship
a nice patina
Mamie Pound

sapphire-blue gecko
hunted by an orange cat
dresses zoysia green
Michael Cottle

Metal, stronger than
Mammals, trees, insects and rocks
Yet time eats the clock