The Iron Writer Challenge #170, 2016 Summer Open Challenge #7

The Iron Writer Challenge #170  2016 Summer Open Challenge #7 The Paul Arden Lidberg Challenge 500 Words, 5 Days, 4 Elements   Authors: Dani J. Caile, C. S. E. Greenberg, Megan Cypress, Kenneth Lawson, Katie Clark The Elements: A man shoveling water A dragon Ice cream A cloud that looks like something. A Place to Sit Kenneth … Read more

The Iron Writer Challenge #131

The Iron Writer Challenge #131 500 Words, 5 Days, 4 Elements The Authors: Dwight Wade, Alis Van Doorn, Maureen Larter, Ericka Kahler The Elements: Genre: Sci-Fi A princess A dragon A ninja A Bumblebee The Last Avatars Ericka Kahler The last avatars gathered in PRINCESS’s digital garden. PRINCESS wore her full royal regalia. St3lthn1nja hadn’t bothered changing his appearance while DragonKin added a yellow … Read more