The Weekday Quickie! #5

For this Weekday Quickie, please do the following:

Write a speech for the most eligible bachelor in your town. He will be be accepting an award and a Key to the City for his eligibility. (I know, ridiculous)

You must include the following:



Yeast Infection


Zoot Suit

The “Weekday” Quickie #2… HAIL TO THE CHIEF…

Write a poem about the President of the United States. This poem must include the following words:

Grey Matter, Mars, Insurance, Chunky Chocolate Chips and Guitars

You don’t need to rhyme, but it would be more of a challenge if you could…

Time: all day if that’s what it takes!


Weekend Quickie #90 Sunday Edition

200 words

Ice Cream Sundae

Weight Watchers

Horn-rimmed glasses