Weekend Quickie #113

Start with: ¬† It was 2:30 in the morning… Use the following elements: Grey Goose Vodka Peanut M&Ms and Cher. 200 Words

The Weekday Quickie! #5

For this Weekday Quickie, please do the following: Write a speech for the most eligible bachelor in your town. He will be be accepting an award and a Key to the City for his eligibility. (I know, ridiculous) You must include the following: Earwax Insomnia Yeast Infection and Zoot Suit

The “Weekday” Quickie #3

Today’s ‘surprise’ quickie is simple… You need to write a letter to your grandmother, the one you like, (And if you don’t have a favorite, pretend she is:) This is fiction, after all.) You must use the words: Hump Day All About that Bass (The Song) Vitamins and Jelly Beans 200 words

Weekend Quickie #91

Beta max Cats Peaches A man in a white van 200 words

Weekend Quickie #84 Sunday Edition

Superbowl halftime show Peanuts Allergic reaction to stadium seating 150 words

Challenge 97 — The 2014 Winter Solstice Open Championship

Challenge 97 The Iron Writer 2014 Winter Solstice Open CHAMPIONSHIP The Authors: The Jennifer Egan Bracket winner: D.L. Zwissler The Donna Tartt Bracket winner: E. Chris Garrison and Dani J. Caile (tie) The Adam Johnson Bracket winner: Dwight Wade The Paul Harding Bracket winner: K.A. DaVur The Elements: 1968 Elvis Presley Comeback Special (Courtesy of … Read more