The Weekend Quickie #118

Start with… Xander ate the spaghetti with fierce… and end with… And that’s how you do it, baby.  

Weekend Quickie #115

Start with… The knight held the rook between his thumb and forefinger… and end with…. And that was the last of Eden. Use your own elements!  Have fun! 250 words

Weekend Quickie #113

Start with:   It was 2:30 in the morning… Use the following elements: Grey Goose Vodka Peanut M&Ms and Cher. 200 Words

Weekend Quickie #102 (Sunday Edition)

A Transvestite Cab Driver A Catholic Prostitute Three Pennies and a Gondola 250 Words (No hate bashing-elements are meant for story use only)  

Weekend Quickie #97

Yay!  We are on our 100th Quickie!  Today you are going to write a letter to your favorite celebrity.  Include the following:  Pickles A microphone A bottle of Ibuprofen A Brown Marker and a  Cattle-prod 250 words 

The Weekday Quickie! #5

For this Weekday Quickie, please do the following: Write a speech for the most eligible bachelor in your town. He will be be accepting an award and a Key to the City for his eligibility. (I know, ridiculous) You must include the following: Earwax Insomnia Yeast Infection and Zoot Suit

Weekend Quickie #90 Sunday Edition

200 words Ice Cream Sundae Weight Watchers Horn-rimmed glasses donkey

Weekend Quickie #89

200 Words A Cowboy A Priest A Rabbi and the picture below

The “Weekday” Quickie #1– Lunar New Year

Like the Weekend Quickie, this particular bag of fun is short. However, it will not be on the same day each week… You have to come here often to find out when! And, while you’re here, why not look at the challenges that are going on, read, and then vote!   Rules: you may only … Read moreThe “Weekday” Quickie #1– Lunar New Year

Weekend Quickie #75 (Sunday Edition)

Write a 250 word short using the following: baby Kissing Fern Spaghetti The feeling of being amorous  

The Twelve Days of Christmas Day 12

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… The Nightmare before Christmas… A Danny Elfman Song 12 drummers drumming Tim Burton A large moon No word limit