Iron Writer Relay


Welcome Irons!

The goal is for all Iron Writers to continue the plot of the story and build a convincing narrative full of the good stuff we are all capable of individually, but as a combined group effort. You may sign up to participate on the Iron Writer Facebook Group (or Iron Writer Forum if available).

The Rules (subject to change):

  1. Each Relay “Event” begins with a declared theme or genre and a 100 word starting segment including a highlighted (all caps) Keyword.
  2. When your turn arrives (based on the participant list), you are required to submit a short, 100 word piece (not to exceed 110 words)
  3. You must incorporate the Keyword passed to you, and pass on one of your own  (hence “Relay”).
  4. Please do not intentionally sabotage the story and try to remain within the bounds of the theme/genre set at the start of the Event.
  5. You must try to get your segment submitted as soon as possible, try not to take more than 24 hours to submit.
  6.  When the end of the participant list is reached, we will start over again at the top of the list and continue until the point we, as a group, are satisfied with our work and choose to end the Event.

Iron Writer Relay

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