Phineas L. Donnison


Phineas Donnison

Phineas L. Donnison is an amateur writer, producer, director, actor, comedian, and part time professional bullshit artist.  Phineas describes his writing style as honest, real, self-deprecating, funny, and intellectual.  Phineas uses profanity on an “as needed” basis which for him tends to be regularly and often.  Phineas is prone to inventing words and creating alternative definitions for commonly used words.  Phineas says he aspires for proper punctuation in his writing but readily admits that lofty goal is rarely realized.

Phineas, or Phin as his friends call him (Phinny is strictly reserved for his wife, sisters, and mother), is the curator of and all other White Hippo USA properties, all of which are intended for intellectuals, academics, and social deviants.  Phineas is careful to warn that his work should be taken with a grain of salt, and of course READER DISCREATION IS ADVISED.

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