Paul Arden Lidberg

Paul Lidberg“Paul Arden Lidberg” is actually a nom de plume used by a group of allegedly devout monks operating out of a cloister hidden deep in the wilds of northern Sweden. They have been using this name to avoid being excommunicated by the mother Church for having been associated with the poorly paying adventure game industry. According to their fabricated background, “Mr. Lidberg” lives in the DFW metroplex in Texas, and is married with two children. They also claim this person has been holding a job as a “Customs Broker” (whatever the hell that is supposed to be)” for the last 15 years. Whereas they previously had focused their attention on throwing together shoddily produced games, and ineptly devised miniatures rules, the monks are now turning their attention toward combat needlepoint and hastily tossed-off genre fiction. You can find the game products at their secret website,


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