Patricia Stirnkorb

Patricia Stirnkorb

Patricia Stirnkorb has been a writer most of her life. After having her first poem published at age 10, she realized the value of words and how they can impact a reader.  As an adult she has written for more than 20 national magazines, was the editor and journalist for her local paper, and has published 15 children’s books and 2 adult books. She also is a photographer and her and her husband’s work has appeared in more than 200 magazines, countless brochures and many web sites. Most recently, her novel, Nightmares (based on a true story) was optioned by Back Fence Productions to be made into a feature length film and she is working on the screenplay for it. 

Daily she works with numerous accounts providing written communications of all types. From brochures to web content, press releases to blog posts, whatever you need written, Patricia can produce. She manages many Facebook, Linked In and blog sites for her customers.

She helps small business owners make their mark on the internet and through social media by teaching them how to gain entrance into this incredible networking system.

Additionally she writes and produces a syndicated TV program called Make Your Life Healthy which can be viewed on the Telos Digital TV Network  and locally (Cincinnati) on Time Warner Cable via Waycross Community Media.

She loves being a wife of 43 years, mother, grandmother, Christian, and enjoys public speaking, writing, scrapbooking and spending time with family and friends. Her teaching and speaking skills are excellent and she has taught the same ladies Sunday school class for the past 16 years.


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