Mathew W. Weaver

Mathew W Weaver

Born of an idea, a prompting by an irate best friend and a poor choice of name (which really is no surprise, considering how much time it took to come up with it), no one really knows who Mathew W. Weaver is, where he comes from, or why he insists on being called a Knight in Burned and Creaky armor.

What is known, however, is that he writes. A lot.

A reader of fantasy, mystery, and the supernatural (among others), he supposedly dabbles in the art of writing such stuff, though the success of his endeavors remains to be seen. Although yet to be proven, it is also rumored that Mathew had once been dropped on his head off the end of a broomstick in midflight at a tender age, which allegedly may or may not have resulted in his tendency to break out into poetry at random instances and occasionally stare fixated into the distance for hours at a time, trances he has said to have been heard to refer to as “plotting”.

Inspired by greats, the likes of which include the feared George R. R. Martin, and the incredible Sir Terry Pratchett (RIP) (among many others), Mathew reportedly works to become the best author he can possibly be, one step and one book at a time. There’s always so much more to learn, he says, adding “Please spell my name with one ‘T’. There’s just one. No, Mathew with one ‘t’ only.”

Ever present on the internet (except when his internet cuts out, or when he’s asleep, eating, reading, wasting time, writing, spouting poetry or ‘plotting’), Mathew can be followed, if so inclined, on Facebook and Twitter, for which he will probably be grateful. 

“Word’s my middle name,” – Mathew W. Weaver

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