Kyle B Stiff

Kyle B Stiff

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Kyle B. Stiff was born in a small town in Kentucky. He has been many things at many times, including a video game reviewer, a claymator, a dog vomit cleaner, an artist’s assistant, a butcher, and even a box handler and paper stacker and sandwich slapper and floor scrubber. But above all else, he is an entertainer.

He spends most of his time working on Demonworld and Heavy Metal Thunder. The first is a post-apocalyptic “hero’s journey” through the human condition; the second has a branching narrative structure that borrows elements from the classic Choose Your Own Adventure and Lone Wolf gamebooks, then updates the genre with quality writing and adult themes.

He is on an endless journey, born again and again after one thousand deaths.

He can be found here, here, and here:

Twitter: @KyleBStiff

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