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Kriss Morton currently lives in a small cabin on the outskirts of Fairbanks, AK with a wonderful man and an overbearing cat. She is a medievalist, new media journalist, photographer, author and social media expert by trade, as well as being well known at her Zen approach to cooking and recipe creation.

Her main focus of writing is poetry and short stories. Part of her collection of poetry can be found in different academia publications as well as Collegiate Literary Journals including an English Honors collection with Sigma Tau Delta Society and Permafrost, the farthest north literary journal for writing and the arts which she also did artwork and formatting for.

Her first open published work not related to academia or her blogging content is a whimsical fantasy tale based in Alaska full of zombies and other mystical creatures rich with delight published in an anthology with other fantasy writers.

Currently she is a full time author imaging publicist and marketing executive with The Finishing Fairies, a co-owned multi-platform business, for several independent authors and projects. She also is working diligently on getting her own personal publications finished and launched including a collection of poetry and short stories influenced by her life in Alaska, a graphic novel cookbook, and a post-catalyst alternate futuristic novel. All while maintaining her popular Cabin Goddess blog.

Be it humor, poems, tales of wanderlust, her heart is pure Alaskan and her pocket is always full of snowflakes.

She is warmly known as Cabin Goddess, a 21st Century Mona Lisa on her way to a rave in the Indie Publishing world, fondly calling many books her best of friends.



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