Jordan Bell

    Jordan Bell is a storyteller that uses many different creative mediums to bring to life his imagination. He has worked in written word, spoken word, traditional art, computer art, music, and video.  Jordan spent eight years at college studying new media, game design, sequential storytelling, spatial design, and journalism. He plans to return to college and study creative writing and english.
    Aspiring to become a successful full time novelist, Jordan likes to read and write in Horror, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi genres. Some of his favorite and most formative authors are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Terry Goodkind, RA Salvatore, Frank Herbert, and Eric Nylund.
    Jordan is a geek at heart who will gladly discuss the merits of Star Trek and Star Wars or debate Tolkien over a game of D&D. He enjoys video games, comic book movies, and complaining about the cancellation of Firefly.
    Jordan has lived in five different states previously and traveled through many more. Jordan currently lives in Indiana with his wife and two young sons.



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