Jamie Sprague – Sullivan

Jaime Sprague

Jaime Sprague-Sullivan is a mom of two beautiful, talented daughters; ages 11 and 13.  And married to a wonderful man that is not only her lover but also stands by her side in everything she does.  (Her biggest fan and muse all-in-one)  They currently live in Southern Indiana after relocating from Northwest Indiana.
She has been a writer since before she could even write.  Currently she is working on 13 novels and 10 children’s books.  She is a writer of poetry, romance, mystery romance, and soon to be more genres.  She is not one that tends to limit herself to one genre of anything.  Whether it be writing or reading.
Recently, she has self-published her first book on lulu.com called 3 Princesses by Jaime Marie.  It is available for purchase on barnesandnoble.com, and has sold 10 whole copies.  That to her is the most exciting thing in the world.
Jaime’s hobbies are reading, writing, hiking, camping, having a bonfire, softball, and spending as much time as possible with her family.  Her hope in life is to be on the bookshelves all over the world next to the great writers.  Whether she ever sells any more than the 10 or sells a million, to be on the bookshelves next to them and to see all her books in print would be a dream come true.

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