Iron Poet Challenge #37

Iron Poet Challenge # 37
Poetic Form: Cinquain
Theme/Prompt: Evanescence

Mamie Willoughby Pound

unlace my wings
whisper your dark, sweet tale
while magpies cry in the black night
for us

Nerisha Kemraj

Night comes
the sun is gone
just as she has left me
alone, vulnerable, empty
I weep

Hide It
Maureen Larter

Hide it
Let’s not say it
Forbidden to think it
Don’t even want to hear it
It’s death

Moira McArthur

lay there
outwith your arms.
side by side together.
the stillness in your quiet mood,
I wept.

then with
limbs entwined, we
lay together in the
quiet stillness of our deep love,
and slept.

R.B.’s Poem
Matt Henderson

I want
to be the wind
and slip beneath your door
to caress your divine body
just once


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