Iron Poet #10


Iron Poet #10

Style / Meter: Limerick
Theme / Keyword: Honk
Any form of the word “honk”, synonyms, concepts, etc. may be used.

D. Lee Cox

“Livi’s Pug”

Olivia had a pug who
went by the name of Lulu
Livi gave her a bonk
Lulu snarted a honk
Now Livi’s covered in dog goo

Olvia had a pug who
longed to have thumbs too
she could make a sign
so brightly it would shine
saying “Bow to Queen Lulu”

Olivia had a pug who
kissed her all day through
morning till dinner
she didnt get any thinner
cause Livi is made of sugar-roo!


Alex Grabovskiy

I once met a monk from Versailles
Who lifted his robe past has thigh
And raised his eyebrow so lewd
He made me feel it’d rude
Not to give a honk to his guy


Charles Wesley Choc

“Parking Lot”

The gritty’ol Jeep kept his nightly dreamer
Lit and beeping, pointed toward that sexy Beamer.
But once RV squads faced his horn
Ol’jeepy’s calm was thence reborn
When he was towed toward the honking Stanley Steamer.


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