How We Grudge

Here at The Iron Writer, we have a propensity for personal mayhem.  It started one day, in our Facebook group page (you have to take a challenge to join) when one Iron was smack talking another. One thing let to another (it involved a moose, a time machine, Hitler and a dandelion) and The Iron Writer Grudge Match was born.

Over the next few months, the Grudge Matches took on a life of its own, including how the challenge plays. For those curious minds, here is how it works, in this general order:

One writer (a Grudger) insults another in the Facebook group but not limited to that. You can start one of your own, bring all the authors to us (and join our merry mirthful misfits) and I’ll sign you up.

Each of these two authors (Grudgers) finds a second, meaning we now have the required four grudgers.

Advise Brian (that’s me) the gauntlet has been throw and who is will be meeting on that misfortunate morn.

A date is scheduled (the Grudge Matches take place of the weekly challenge with the honors there associated).

Each Grudger chooses an element and emails it to me. They may share their element with their partner, but not with the other team. If the elements conflict, such as the style the story must be written, I will reject the element received last and that author must choose a different element. (Meaning, if  two authors pick ‘a Star Wars character’ as an element, the element received second must be changed.)

Each Grudger finds an ‘independent’ judge (bribes are acceptable, if done tastefully). I solicit a fifth. Okay, I solicit a fifth judge.

On the day the Grudge Match begins, I email each Grudger the four elements. Each must write a 500 word story.

The deadline for the grudge submission is seven days, not the normal challenge deadline of four days.

What ensues is akin to this:


All stories are posted anonymously. Only the title of the stories are allowed. Each Grudger is on the honor system on this one. 

When the stories are posted, two voting procedures begin. One is the popular vote. To vote you simply select the story in the poll on the website post  (get that fan base to vote for you story).

The second is the judges vote.

After the seven day voting period, I close the popular voting poll. The winner of the popular votes gets four points, second place three points, etc. If there is a tie in the popular vote, both Grudgers get the higher point value.

I add the five judges vote (one point for the story of their choice) and add it to the points from the popular vote.

The highest point total wins and great and valuable prizes are awarded.

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