Emily Gray Gatrell

Emily is a writer and a mommy. She has published the first two books of the Daearen Realms series, Meanmna and Bienn-Theine under the name Emmy Gatrell. She is actively working on the third in between laundry, unschooling her kids, and her feeble attempt at marketing.

Emily grew up in Metro-Detroit, went to college at Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan where she earned her BFA in Theatre/ Speech Communication and another from Specs Howard for Radio Broadcasting. After snowy Michigan for twenty-three years and more than a decade in Georgia with her husband, two kids, and dogs, she decided it was still too cold for her, and now her time is split between the US and Costa Rica.

Emily’s love of her historical haunts and travel comes out in her writing as she continues to craft a new universe in the Daearen Realms and will continue with whatever crazy idea she goes with next.

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