April Morehouse

I am April Morehouse and I’m presently studying Creative Writing with emphasis in Fiction at Southern New Hampshire University. I have two daughters, yes, one husband, 4 dogs, 2 fish, and a peach tree. I have been writing since middle school, but only for myself. None of my great works of literature has been published, but one day, be it by my hand or through my daughters, both of whom love to write. One is on the dark mental side, and the other is into Anime. Not only does the youngest dream of being a mad scientist and create the first vampire, but she wants to live in Japan and create wonderful vampire anime stories. My stories are off the wall, sporadic, Sci Fi, but mainly Fantasy. My worlds are based in my favorite cities like Seattle, Phoenix, and the wonderful New England states where dragons can burrow, get lost within the mountains, and come out and go boo, or munch munch depending on the mood they’re in. Sooooo, sit back and enjoy the adventure of Mr. Toad’s wild ride.

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