Adam Kirby

Adam Kirby

Adam Kirby is a Yorkshireman who met his Indian wife in Thailand and now lives in New Zealand which is her home country.

He has loved writing for many years, but has only recently been able to focus more of his time on it. He has a furtive imagination and therefore finds it hard to decide which projects to concentrate on. He is particularly interested in History, but also enjoys fantasy literature and science fiction. Added to this, he has a keen commitment to issues of international development and to concerns with ecology and climate change. Overarching all these is a Christian faith, which provides both a sense of motivation to bring about positive change in the world and a way of inter-relating his different interests.

Adam has worked amongst Indo-Chinese refugees in England and in Thailand. He has been a high school teacher, a Baptist minister and is now a teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages in a tertiary institution and loves to meet and interact with people from a variety of cultures. It is his aim to meld these different aspects of his life together in his writing, so that it reflects his love for historical perspectives, cultural variety and the power of spirituality.

Adam also enjoys swimming and cycling. In 2008 he went cycling in Cambodia to raise funds for a clean drinking water project. Two years later, he did New Zealand’s Lake Taupo Cycle challenge to raise funds for land mine clearance in Cambodia. Other interests include classical music and hiking.


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