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  1. Night Watch

    It was after midnight when a man and a woman entered the hotel and approached the check-in desk. Most of the keys on the pegboard were asleep, but number thirty three was not. Thirty three nudged Thirty two, “Thirty two! Wake up!” Thirty two stirred, “What do you want now?” she inquired. Thirty three whispered, “Look!” Thirty two glanced over the desk clerk’s shoulder at the couple checking in. “Yeah, so what?” Thirty three giggled, “They’re not married and they’ve come here to find themselves a cozy love nest.” “Honestly, thirty three, you are impossible. How do you know that?” “Well, neither one of them have rings, they have no luggage, and look at how affectionate they are toward each other.” Thirty two rolled her eyes and sighed, “Remember the bus load of German spies that were using the hotel as cover for their espionage? Yeah … they were tourists. Remember the serial killer that was hiding out here and stalking the other hotel guests? He was a businessman from Detroit attending a conference. Thirty three, when are you ever going to stop sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong, and stop making up wild stories about the guests?”

    Just then, the desk clerk turned and hung a new key on the hook for the penthouse suite. Its fob was made with the eye from a peacock feather. Thirty three gasped with envy at the sight of the gorgeous iridescent fob. She squinted meanly, “She thinks she’s so special!” Thirty two smirked and turned to go back to sleep, “Give it up! I think its beautiful and adds a lot of color to our drab little board and our frumpy old red tassels.” Thirty three’s mind was restless as she hung on her peg and fumed, “A peacock feather! That’s the most impractical key fob EVER!”

  2. The man from 33 had unforgivingly been pressing the bell for over half an hour.
    “It’s the dirty knife at breakfast, isn’t it?” asked Jeff.
    “Why is there a peacock feather on my bed?” screamed the man for the one thousandth time.
    “You’ve got it in for me now, haven’t you?” he asked again. “You really want me to lose my job.” Things hadn’t gone well since Jeff was given control of the hotel for the weekend. The lift was out of order, the kitchen staff were more bone idle than usual, the laundry chute was blocked, the family in 49 had soaked three floors below them with their ‘water’ party, and this man was an implacable character.
    “Why is there a peacock feather on my bed?” he’d brought the offending item with him. Jeff had no idea where it had come from.
    “Well, technically, it’s not on your bed anymore, is it? It’s in your hand,” replied Jeff. He’d give anything a go.
    “Don’t get clever with me lad…!” They both watched bewildered as a peacock strut through the reception area, opening its fan of feathers. “Okay, so…!” he said. “Now we know where, I want to know why?”

  3. The Guest

    When the long, black Duesenberg rolled up in front of the hotel, it was a sight to behold. Its sleek lines and mirrored finish drew me toward my own, only to trip over an untied shoelace and go sprawling. The chauffeur had crossed around in time to catch my Buster Keaton impression, he hissed as his cold gray eyes caught me with their implacable glare.

    The chauffeur held the door open and a gust of cool air rushed over me and my stomach tightened. The guest stepped out in patent leather high heels, the long slit up the side of her dress gave a glimpse of a pale, supple, leg. I jumped to my feet and straightened my bellboy cap back to its rakish angle, clicking my heels smartly in an attempt to regain my composure.

    The lady sauntered up the stairs to the hotel lobby, her broad-brimmed hat adorned with a flurry of peacock feathers concealing of her face. My eyes followed her sultry curves and then I saw it… poking inquisitively from beneath the edge of her mid-length sable coat.

    A long prehensile tail, with a barbed end twitched from left to right as if probing for danger, then abruptly swung in my direction and tensed pointing menacingly at me. The guest looked back over her shoulder, jet-black hair whirling around as she winked at me and the tail whipped out of sight.

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